Difference between movie & video


1. Video and movie are two similar mediums but have differences in terms of cost, frame rate, and transferability.
2. Movies are typically seen in theaters and evoke images of glamour and the world of movie stars.
3. Video technology has advanced since its invention in the 50s and can be easily transferred onto a computer.


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Movie refers to a moving picture that tells a story or an event. It is associated with the world of movie stars and filmmaking. A movie is created by projecting a series of still photographs at a fast rate, creating the illusion of movement. Movies traditionally use a photographic film and a movie camera to capture and display the images.


Video is a mechanism for obtaining moving pictures. It records and broadcasts images using a tape or disc. Video technology has evolved since its invention in the 50s and can now be easily captured on mobile phones. There are different video systems or formats, such as PAL, SECAM, and NTSC, which have varying frame rates.

Movie vs Video

– Video is less expensive than movies.
– Video and movies have different frame rates.
– Video can be easily transferred to a computer, while movies need to be digitized first.

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