Difference Between Mozzarella & Buffalo Mozzarella


1. Mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella are two different varieties of fresh cheese.

2. Mozzarella can be made from the milk of goat, cow, or buffalo, while buffalo mozzarella is specifically made from the milk of water buffalo.

3. Buffalo mozzarella is considered to be creamier, cheesier, and more flavorful than other types of mozzarella.


The names Mozzarella and Buffalo Mozzarella are often associated with Italian cuisine and fresh cheese. While Mozzarella has been traditionally made from the milk of goat or cow, Buffalo Mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffalo. There are differences between these two varieties of fresh cheese that will be highlighted in this article.


Mozzarella is a type of cheese that has been made in Italy for centuries. It gained popularity with modern systems of refrigeration and transportation, allowing people in the west to enjoy this Italian specialty. Though it is believed that the real Mozzarella can only be found in Naples, it is easily available in markets and can even be made at home. Mozzarella is soft and has to be eaten fresh, but processed versions with preservatives and stabilizers are also available. It is often used on pizzas or sliced for salads.

Buffalo Mozzarella

Buffalo Mozzarella, or mozzarella di bufala in Italian, is made specifically from the milk of water buffalo. While water buffalos can be found in other parts of the world, the cheese made from Italian buffalo milk is considered the tastiest.

Mozzarella vs Buffalo Mozarella

Mozzarella refers to fresh cheese made from the milk of goat, cow, or buffalo. In Italy, if made from cow’s milk, it is called mozzarella fior di latte, and if made from buffalo’s milk, it is called mozzarella di bufala. Buffalo Mozzarella is considered creamier and more flavorful than other types of Mozzarella.

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