Difference Between MSc & Post Graduate Diploma (PGDip)

M.Sc and PGDip are two post graduate courses that show some differences between them when it comes to their eligibility conditions, job opportunities, outcomes and the like. M.Sc is Master of Science whereas PGDip is Postgraduate Diploma. Having an awareness of the difference between these two courses can benefit academic individuals. Hence the aim of this article is to provide a clear distinction between these two courses.

What is MSc?

MSc refers to Master of Science. An individual who wishes to apply for MSc should have completed a bachelor’s degree in Science in the discipline concerned. He can still apply for MSc if he had studied the respective discipline as ancillary or as an allied subject. M.Sc should be completed within the duration of 2 years. A student who has passed MSc is normally equipped with a sound knowledge of the branch of Science he has learned. He would be in a position to conduct experiments and research on his own. When speaking of prospective employment opportunities, an individual who has passed M.Sc can be appointed as a scientist, research assistant, educator or as an analyst.

What is PGDip?

PGDip refers to Post Graduate Diploma. Similar to the case of MSc, a candidate who prefers to apply for PGDip in any discipline should have completed bachelor’s degree in any discipline for that matter and should pass the entrance examination conducted by the university or the college that conducts the PGDip program in that discipline. PGDip is generally completed within the duration of 1 year. However some universities conduct PGDip courses for a duration of 2 years also.
An individual who has passed PGDip has the opportunity of gaining additional knowledge in the branch of Science he had chosen to complete the course. He would have to work under a specialist or another scientist as an assistant. If the diploma program is concerned with arts, then he would be equipped with a sound knowledge about the intricacies of the art. When speaking of employment, a candidate who has passed PGDip in any branch of learning can be appointed as an educator, a trainer or as a research assistant.

Key Takeaways

  • MSc is a Master of Science degree, while PGDip is a Post Graduate Diploma.
  • MSc requires a bachelor’s degree in Science in the discipline concerned, while PGDip requires a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and passing an entrance examination.
  • MSc is typically completed in 2 years, while PGDip is usually completed in 1 year (though some programs may take 2 years).
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