Difference between mustard & wasabi


1. Mustard and Wasabi are both used as seasonings and condiments in various dishes.
2. Mustard has been known to mankind since ancient times and is used all over the world, while Wasabi is native to Japan and grown in plateau regions.
3. Mustard is made from the seeds of the mustard plant, while Wasabi is made from the root of the horse radish family.


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Mustard vs Wasabi

Mustard is a plant that provides mustard oil and is used both as a cooking medium and a condiment. Wasabi is a condiment mainly used in Japanese Sushi. Mustard has been used for thousands of years, while Wasabi originated in Japan in the 16th century. There are several differences between mustard and Wasabi that will be discussed in this article.


– Comes in many varieties with different tastes and flavors.
– Hotness of mustard seeds varies, with black ones being the hottest.
– Used as a seasoning in dishes all over the world.
– Leaves of mustard plants are used to make nutritious dishes in India.
– Black mustard is the most pungent, while there are less strong varieties like brown and yellow mustard.
– Mixed with vinegar and water to create flavor.
– Does not need additional spice to make it hot.


– A spice used as a seasoning and condiment in Sushi.
– Native herb of Japan cultivated in cool plateau regions.
– Used in both noodles and rice in Japanese cuisine.
– Some sushi bars offer a popular dish called Wasabi roll.
– Grated Wasabi is made into a paste and used as a seasoning in Sushi.
– Available in powder and paste form.
– Root of the horse radish family.

Differences between Mustard and Wasabi

– Both used as seasoning and condiment in various dishes.
– Mustard has been known since ancient times and used worldwide, while Wasabi is native to Japan.
– Wasabi is added to sushi and noodles for flavor, similar to how mustard sauce is added to dishes.
– Both available in powder and paste form.
– Wasabi is a root, while mustard is a seed.

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