Difference Between Nationalism & Imperialism


Nationalism and Imperialism are two terms that have different meanings and concepts. Nationalism is based on aggressiveness, while imperialism is more constructive.


Nationalism involves feelings of superiority and loyalty towards one’s own country. It can lead to enmity among nations and make a person intolerant towards the progress made by other nations. Nationalism emphasizes the unity of a nation based on cultural background and language.


Imperialism aims at bringing equality among different empires and kingdoms through domination. It is a western concept that employs expansionistic ideas and views. While it creates unequal economic relationships between states, it maintains these relationships based on domination.


The main difference between nationalism and imperialism is the perspective towards one’s own country and other nations. Nationalists believe that their own country is superior, while imperialists aim for domination without considering cultural or linguistic factors.

Key Takeaways

1. Nationalism and imperialism have contrasting concepts and goals. Nationalism is based on aggressiveness and a belief in the superiority of one’s own country, while imperialism aims for equality and dominion over other nations.
2. Nationalism breeds enmity and intolerance towards other nations, while imperialism seeks to bring about unity through domination.
3. Nationalism emphasizes cultural and linguistic unity, while imperialism does not prioritize these factors.

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