Difference between negative & realism


July 23, 2011 Posted by Aron

Negative vs Realism

Negative and realism are two words that have different concepts and understanding. Negative involves thinking that things will never happen or work out, while realism involves offering advice and guidance. The main difference between negative and realism is that in realism, you warn someone about what may happen, whereas in negative thinking, a person believes that there won’t be any good outcome. Realism is about thinking realistically and focusing on achievable goals, while negative thinking comes from a lack of self-belief. Realism is based on practicality and considers the feasibility of solving problems, while negative thinking takes a pessimistic approach and only sees the negative side of life. People with realism are cheerful and content, while those with negative thinking appear remorseful and dull. Both realism and negative thinking are natural and innate qualities, not cultivated behaviors. There is a difference between realism and optimism, as well as negative thinking and pessimism.


1. Negative thinking is characterized by a belief that things will never happen or work out, while realism is characterized by an encouraging and practical approach to situations and problems.
2. Realism involves considering what is realistically possible to achieve, while negative thinking stems from a lack of self-belief and focuses on the negative aspects of life.
3. Individuals with a realistic mindset appear cheerful and contented, while those with a negative mindset appear remorseful and dull. Realism and negativity are natural traits that are inborn and not cultivated.

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