Difference between newspaper & magazine


1. Newspapers are still the primary source of authentic, reliable, and fresh content about what is happening around the world and locally.
2. Magazines are not sources of fresh content to the extent of publishing breaking news but contain content that is recent in nature.
3. Newspapers have more variety of content than magazines that pertain to its chosen field only such as cars, movies, sports, etc.


Newspapers and magazines are two important forms of print media that are read by millions of people around the world. This article aims to differentiate between newspapers and magazines based on their features.


Newspapers are still the primary source of authentic and reliable content about what is happening around the world and locally. They are distributed early in the morning and provide information about city, national, and international news. Newspapers are usually daily publications, though there are also weekly and biweekly ones. They use lower quality paper and ink to keep prices down.


Magazines are produced on paper with ink and are not published daily. They are published weekly or monthly and contain recent content. Magazines cover various fields such as entertainment, science, sports, movies, etc. They are more expensive compared to newspapers as they are printed on costly paper and often include high-resolution color photos.

Differences Between Newspaper and Magazine

– Magazines are smaller in size compared to newspapers.
– Magazines are more expensive than newspapers.
– Newspapers contain fresher content than magazines.
– Newspapers have a wider variety of content compared to magazines, which focus on specific fields.
– Magazines are available on newsstands and can also be subscribed to.
– Newspapers are delivered by hawkers and can be purchased at crossings and newsstands.
– Newspapers generally have a higher readership than magazines.
– Newspapers never run out of content, whereas magazine content is based on reader preferences.
– Magazines are like books in appearance, while newspapers are larger in size.
– Magazines often have more attractive designs than newspapers.
– Newspapers have more versatile content and various sections to suit different interests.

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