Difference Between Orange & Tangerine

Orange and Tangerine are two different fruits with distinct characteristics and nature. It is essential to understand the differences between them. Tangerine is a small, sweet, orange-colored citrus fruit with a thinner skin compared to the orange fruit. One of the primary distinctions between an orange and a tangerine is the tangerine’s deep orange-yellow color, whereas an orange typically has a light orange color.

On the other hand, an orange is a large, round, juicy citrus fruit with a bright reddish-yellow and light orange color compared to that of a tangerine. It is worth noting that orange tree flowers have a strong fragrance, while tangerine tree flowers do not. This is another significant difference between oranges and tangerines.

Another difference between the two is that tangerines are not as juicy as oranges. Interestingly, orange blossoms are the flowers of the orange tree, traditionally worn by a bride at a wedding. Orange flower water is a solution of neroli in water. Orange peel is used as a medicinal herb. Thus, oranges have more medicinal properties and uses than tangerines.

In fact, oranges are used in making squashes, whereas tangerines are not typically used for this purpose. The wood of the orange tree is very useful, whereas the wood of the tangerine tree is not put to great use.

Key Takeaways

  • Tangerines have a deep orange-yellow color and thinner skin, while oranges have a light orange color and thicker skin.
  • Orange tree flowers have a strong fragrance, while tangerine tree flowers do not.
  • Oranges have more medicinal properties and uses than tangerines, and their wood is more useful.
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