Difference between pepper & capsicum


1. Capsicum and pepper are names of the same fruit of the flowering plant belonging to the nightshade family.
2. Columbus mistakenly labeled the fruit of capsicum as pepper because of its hot and peppery taste.
3. Capsicum is referred to as sweet pepper, red pepper, or simply pepper in America, while it is called Capsicum in India, Australia, and New Zealand.


On May 3, 2013, an article was posted discussing the differences between pepper and capsicum. These vegetables are popular all over the world for their distinct taste and aroma. Capsicum belongs to the nightshade family, while black pepper belongs to the piper nigrum family. The article aims to clarify any differences between the two.


Capsicum is both a vegetable and a spice. It is the name of a flowering plant that belongs to the genus capsicum and the family Solanaceae, also known as the nightshade family. Capsicum is grown worldwide but is native to America. The fruit of capsicum comes in different colors and shapes, with peppery varieties called chillies or chili peppers, and milder varieties referred to as bell peppers or red and green peppers. In England, larger varieties are simply called peppers. Commonwealth countries like India, Australia, and New Zealand use the name capsicum to refer to these vegetables. The name pepper is used because of the hot and peppery taste of the fruit.

Capsicum fruits contain a chemical called capsaicin, which gives them their pungent smell and strong taste. This chemical causes a burning sensation in the mouth and is avoided by mammals. However, birds are attracted to the rich colors of the fruits and are unaffected by the capsaicin.


Pepper refers to the different fruits of the Capsicum annum plant. They are also known as sweet peppers, peppers, or bell peppers. It is important not to confuse these vegetables with black pepper, which is a spice used for its hot taste in many recipes. Green peppers, when ripened, turn yellow and then red. Green peppers are harvested before they fully ripen, making them the least expensive variety. Red peppers contain almost 11 times more beta carotene and higher levels of vitamins compared to green peppers.

Pepper vs Capsicum

– Capsicum and pepper are different names for the same fruit of the flowering plant in the nightshade family.
– Columbus mistakenly labeled the capsicum fruit as pepper due to its hot and peppery taste.
– In different countries, it is called capsicum, sweet pepper, red pepper, or simply pepper.
– The term capsicum is used as the generic word for flowering plants in the Solanaceae family.

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