Difference Between Plot & Story


1. According to Aristotle, plot is the most crucial factor in a drama and is more important than other elements such as characters. It must have a logical connection between its beginning, middle, and ending, and includes strong feelings and conflict.
2. Story is a summary of a literary piece or the overall outcome of a book or movie. It tells what the narrative is all about.
3. While plot is the detailed perspective of what happens in a narrative, story is the general outlook or outcome. Plot and story are often confused, but they cannot exist without one another and a good story relies on a good plot.


Plot vs Story


According to Aristotle, a plot is the most crucial factor in a drama. It is more important than the other elements, such as characters. The plot must have a beginning, middle, and ending that are logically connected with strong feelings and conflict. It is a detailed aspect of a story, specifying and considering all aspects.


A story is a sequence of events and actions that tells what it is all about. It is like a summary of a literary piece. For example, when buying a book or DVD, there is a summary at the back that tells what the book or movie is about.

Difference between Plot and Story

Although plot and story can be confusing, they have unique characteristics. In the context of a novel, the summary at the back is the story, while the whole content of the novel is the plot. Using the analogy of a house, the story is the external view of the house, such as seeing smoke coming out of the chimney. The plot, on the other hand, is what happens inside the house, like someone cooking which causes the chimney to emit smoke.

Ultimately, plot and story are sometimes confused, and their meanings are often interchanged. However, it is important to note that plot and story cannot exist without each other. A good story cannot exist without a good and engaging plot.

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