Difference Between Poaching & Boiling


1. Poaching and boiling are similar cooking methods that involve using moist heat to cook food items.
2. The main difference between poaching and boiling is the temperature of the water used. Boiling occurs at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, while poaching is done at a lower temperature, usually around 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Poaching is particularly suitable for delicate food items such as fish, eggs, and chicken.


Poaching vs Boiling
Poaching and boiling are similar methods of cooking that involve using wet heat to cook food. While both methods use water as the medium of heat, they can also be done in milk or wine. Despite their similarities, there are differences in temperature and cooking time that set them apart. This article will examine these two cooking methods more closely.


Poaching is a cooking method where food is cooked in hot water or another liquid. The temperature of the water is kept below boiling point, and the food is either fully or partially submerged in the liquid. The liquid can be plain or flavored, such as syrup or soup. Unlike boiling, the liquid remains still, without the presence of bubbles. After the food has been poached, the liquid is quickly cooled by immersing the pan in cold water to prevent the cooked food from becoming stale or spoiled. There are two types of poaching: deep poaching, where eggs are fully submerged in hot water, and shallow poaching, where fish or chicken are partially submerged in hot water for cooking. Poaching eggs, for example, is a healthy cooking method as it doesn’t require the use of oil or butter.


Boiling is a wet cooking method that involves bringing water to its boiling point and cooking the food in the agitated and turbulent water. Many foods can be cooked by boiling, but one of the most popular examples is boiled eggs. When boiling in water, the temperature needs to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water has reached this temperature, it will maintain it regardless of how long it is heated. It can only turn into steam, but it will not get hotter than 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiling is typically used for cooking food that is not very delicate.

What is the difference between Poaching and Boiling?

– Both poaching and boiling use moist heat for cooking.
– In both methods, the food is submerged in hot water, with the only difference being the temperature of the water.
– Boiling occurs at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, while poaching is done at around 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
– Poaching is more suitable for delicate food items such as fish, eggs, and chicken.

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