Difference between Pothys, RMKV, & Saravana Stores


1. RMKV is known for its specialization in selling traditional silk sarees, including embroidered silks and 9-yard silks. They have received national awards for their weaving techniques and produce theme sarees with a wide range of apparel for men, women, and children.

2. Pothys is a popular apparel shop that specializes in selling printed silk, casual wear, and Kancheepuram silks. They also sell traditional silk apparel like RMKV and specialize in different kinds of Pattu sarees. Pothys has a rich history and was established 90 years ago.

3. Saravana Stores is known for selling products at affordable prices without compromising on quality. It sells all kinds of silk sarees and men’s wear, and is believed to bring luck to the buyer. Saravana Stores is always crowded and open even on Sundays to serve buyers from different parts of Tamilnadu and India.


Pothys, RMKV, and Saravana Stores are three different apparel shops in Chennai. Each store has its own unique collection and types of clothing sold.


RMKV, established in 1924, specializes in selling traditional silk sarees. They are known for their embroidered silks and 9-yard silks, particularly popular for weddings and family apparel. RMKV employs new techniques in handloom silk weaving and has received two national awards for their weaving style. They also produce theme sarees and the 50000-color saree is popular throughout India. RMKV offers a wide range of apparel for women, men, and children, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India in their sarees.


Pothys is known as a place to buy apparel for Indian festivals like Deepavali and Pongal. Like RMKV, Pothys has a long history and was established 90 years ago. They initially sold cotton sarees, dhotis for men, and towels. Over time, Pothys expanded to offer printed silk, casual wear, simmer sarees, Kancheepuram silks, and more. They also sell men’s and children’s wear, specializing in traditional silk apparel and different kinds of Pattu.

Saravana Stores

Saravana Stores is a popular apparel store known for its affordable prices and great quality. They sell various silk sarees and men’s wear. Many believe that buying from Saravana Stores brings luck, which is why the stores are always crowded. Saravana Stores is open even on Sundays and has several outlets in the busy T.Nagar area of Chennai. They offer a wide range of items, and customers are satisfied with their affordable prices on clothing, household items, and home appliances.

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