Difference Between Praise & Thanksgiving

Praise vs Thanksgiving

If you are interested in learning about various religions, understanding the difference between praise and thanksgiving can be beneficial. People around the world engage in diverse ways of worship and prayer to their religious leaders. As part of their worship and prayer, believers often praise and thank God for everything He has done for humanity. Although praise and thanksgiving may appear similar, there is a significant distinction between them. The difference lies in the reasons for offering praise or thanks. This article will discuss the meanings of praise and thanksgiving and the differences between them. It is important to note that both praise and thanksgiving require faith.

Meaning of Praise

Praise involves complimenting God for who He is and for His virtues. When you praise God, you acknowledge His perfections, works, benefits, and excellence. You praise God for His attributes, excellence, and the things He has done beyond what He has done for you personally. Singing songs, reciting hymns, and offering prayers are ways to praise God. Several psalms highlight the significance of praise and how to praise God, such as Psalm 103:1-5 (NKJV). Ultimately, learning to praise God activates the fullness He has for you.

Meaning of Thanksgiving

In contrast, thanksgiving is different from praise. Thanksgiving involves expressing gratitude to God not for who He is, but for what He has done for you. You thank God for the specific gifts and blessings He has bestowed upon you throughout your life. You might thank God for providing food, a home, and a family, for giving you a job when you needed one, or for saving your or a family member’s life from danger. The gratitude you have inside you is the foundation of your thanksgiving.

Difference between Praise and Thanksgiving

  • Praise involves complimenting and admiring God for all His virtues and for who He is. Thanksgiving means expressing thanks and gratitude to God for the things He has done for you and provided for you.
  • Praise goes beyond words; it can be expressed through singing, which is a popular way of praising God, or through hymns, etc. Thanksgiving is typically conveyed through words expressing gratitude.
  • Thanksgiving is rooted in the gratitude one has for the things they have received from God, while praise comes not from gratitude but from the insight of who God truly is.

After understanding the meanings and differences between praise and thanksgiving, it is clear that they are distinct concepts. However, they are also closely related and interconnected. One who praises God often also thanks Him.

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