Difference between pre-marriage & post-marriage


When discussing the changes that occur before and after marriage, it is common to refer to the terms “Before Marriage” and “After Marriage”. These terms highlight the differences in a person’s life before and after they tie the knot.

Changes for Women

Before marriage, a young girl is not referred to as a mother. However, after marriage, she becomes a mother. Additionally, before marriage, a woman is simply a girl, but after marriage, she becomes a wife. These changes in titles signify the new roles and responsibilities that come with marriage.

Changes for Men

Similarly, before marriage, a young man is not called a father. However, after marriage, he becomes a father. Additionally, before marriage, a man is just a young man, but after marriage, he becomes a husband.

Physical Changes

While women generally do not experience major physical changes before marriage, they often undergo significant changes in their physical structure after marriage. The same is true for men, as some may experience changes in their general appearance. For instance, some men may appear lean before marriage but become fleshier after marriage.

Having Children

In most societies, it is socially acceptable for a woman to have children after marriage. However, it is generally frowned upon for a woman to have children before marriage. Likewise, men are typically expected to have children only after getting married, rather than before.

Marital Prefixes

After marriage, a woman who was previously referred to as Miss now becomes prefixed with Mrs. On the other hand, a man remains Mr. both before and after marriage. These prefixes reflect the change in marital status for women but not for men.


1) Before marriage, a person is not referred to as a mother or father, but after marriage they become a mother or father.
2) Both women and men undergo physical changes in their appearance after marriage.
3) Society generally expects women and men to have children only after marriage, not before.

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