Difference Between Pride & Arrogance

Pride vs Arrogance

Understanding the difference between pride and arrogance is important because these two qualities can be easily confused. Both are traits that we observe in people, with some being considered proud and others arrogant. The distinction lies in the fact that pride is when a person feels satisfied with their abilities or possessions, while arrogance is when a person has an inflated opinion of their abilities or possessions. Pride is considered normal and justified when someone has a special ability, but arrogance is not. This article aims to highlight this difference by providing a deeper understanding of the two terms.

What does Pride mean?

Pride has several definitions, but according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it is the pleasure or satisfaction gained from achievements, qualifications, or possessions. For instance, if a student excels in exams and has a remarkable skill for mathematical and analytical dynamics, it is natural for that student to take pride in their achievements and feel proud of their abilities. When a person possesses a specific skill or ability, it is justified for them to feel proud of it. This is viewed as a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. As humans, we are all proud of certain aspects of our lives, such as our talents, our affiliations, or the people we treasure. Pride does not become a barrier as long as we are aware of it and keep it in check. The term pride is also used when referring to a group of lions.

What does Arrogance mean?

Arrogance can be understood as exaggerating one’s importance or abilities. When a person is proud, they have a certain talent, ability, or possession. In the case of arrogance, however, the object of pride is exaggerated and not genuine. For example, if a person can dance well and gains satisfaction from the awareness of their skill, this is pride. But if that person believes they are the best dancer and no one else can compare, this is based on exaggeration. Such a person may be haughty and condescending towards others because they think they know it all. Arrogance is a negative quality that can often damage relationships with others.

Key Takeaways

  • Pride is when a person feels satisfied with their abilities or possessions.
  • Arrogance is when a person has an inflated opinion of their abilities or possessions.
  • The main difference between pride and arrogance is that pride is considered normal and justified, while arrogance is not.
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