Difference Between Professional & Personal Relationships

The primary distinction between working and personal relationships is the context in which they are formed. Family relationships are considered personal, while relationships between colleagues, bosses, and employees are classified as working relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Working relationships are formed between colleagues and bosses, while personal relationships are formed between family members.
  • Intimacy levels are typically higher in personal relationships than in working relationships.
  • Formality and consistency in behavior are more common in working relationships, while personal relationships allow for more emotional openness and mood-driven interactions.

What are Working Relationships?

Working relationships are formed between colleagues, bosses, and employees. They can also include relationships between teachers and students. However, issues may arise when a coworker tries to act like a family member, which can lead to feelings of suffocation. In working relationships, intimacy levels are generally low, with most interactions being professional and formal. Conversations tend to be business-like and polite.

The situation can become complicated when relatives work together, requiring a clear distinction between personal and working relationships. To maintain harmony in both settings, it is crucial to separate personal relationships from working relationships and vice versa.

What are Personal Relationships?

Personal relationships are formed between family members and have a more significant impact on our lives. In these relationships, intimacy levels are higher, and individuals can be more open and genuine in their interactions. Conversations in personal relationships can vary widely, and individuals have more security and freedom to express themselves.

What is the Difference Between Working and Personal Relationships?

The difference between working and personal relationships depends on the type of relationship in each situation. Family relationships are personal, while relationships formed in the workplace are working relationships. Working relationships tend to be more formal and cordial, with a lower level of intimacy than personal relationships.

Summary – Working vs Personal Relationships

The key difference between working and personal relationships is that personal relationships involve family members, while working relationships are formed between colleagues and bosses. The level of intimacy in personal relationships is higher than in working relationships, which are generally more formal and consistent in behavior.

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