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June 4, 2011 Posted by Aron

Queen vs Princess

Queen and Princess are two words that are often confused as words denoting the same meaning. Actually they are two different words conveying two different senses.


Queen is the consort or the wife of a King. Queen sometimes looks into the administrative affairs of the kingdom if the king falls sick or dies. A queen is always considered the first woman citizen of the kingdom. Queen also along with the King accepts the guard of honor when she visits other kingdoms.


On the other hand, a princess is the daughter of the King and the Queen. A princess does not look into the administrative matters of the kingdom unless she is asked to do so by the king. A princess is normally given in marriage to the prince of a neighboring country or a kingdom. It is customary that the king celebrates the marriage in a very grand style. In olden days, the marriages of princesses were attended by one and all. The entire city appears in a festive mood during the marriage of a princess of a kingdom.

Selection and Status

In the past, it was a normal practice in many kingdoms of several countries for a princess to select her husband by herself through tests, examinations, or competitions. Whichever prince wins the competitions will marry the princess. There was also a practice to marry the princess of an annexed kingdom.

Immediately after marriage, a princess becomes a queen. Hence, queen is considered as a promotion from the level of a princess.

These are the main differences between queen and princess.

Key Takeaways

1. Queen is the wife of a King, while Princess is the daughter of the King and Queen.
2. A Queen may take on administrative affairs of the kingdom if the King is unable, whereas a Princess does not participate in such matters unless asked by the King.
3. Princesses are typically given in marriage to princes of neighboring countries or kingdoms, with grand celebrations, while Queens are the first woman citizens of the kingdom and may participate in ceremonial events with the King.

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