Difference between reading & literacy


Reading and literacy are often mistaken to have the same meaning, however, they have different connotations. Reading refers to interpretation, while literacy refers to the ability to read and write. Literacy is usually measured on a state or community level, based on the reading and writing skills of the people. On the other hand, reading involves interpreting passages, such as in poetry sessions. The main purpose of reading is to remove doubts and apprehensions in the minds of the audience. These are the main differences between reading and literacy.

Key Takeaways

1. The difference between reading and literacy lies in their meanings and connotations.
2. Literacy refers to the ability to read and write, while reading involves interpreting passages of a text.
3. Literacy is often measured at a state or community level, based on the reading and writing ability of the people.

Maria Nguyen
Maria Nguyen
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