Difference Between Red Velvet & Chocolate Cake


1. Red velvet cake gets its distinct look and flavor from the use of red coloring and cream cheese frosting, while chocolate cake contains a lot more cocoa powder for a stronger chocolate flavor.
2. Red velvet cake is a unique combination of a vanilla cake and a chocolate cake, with only a hint of chocolate flavor.
3. Some people add extra cocoa powder to red velvet cake to deepen the red color, but it is important to note that red velvet is not simply a chocolate cake with added red color.


Red Velvet vs Chocolate Cake

Red velvet is a cake that is reddish in color and often mistaken for chocolate cake. However, red velvet can also be vanilla flavored. This article explores the differences between red velvet and traditional chocolate cake.

Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet cake gets its name from its deep red color. The cream cheese frosting between the layers adds to its deliciousness. Food coloring is used to achieve the red color, although sometimes beets are also used. Cocoa powder is added to enhance the color, but the amount used is less than in traditional chocolate cakes.

Chocolate Cake

Red velvet cannot simply be achieved by adding red color to a chocolate cake recipe. Red velvet is a unique blend between a vanilla and chocolate cake. While it does have a slight hint of chocolate flavor, it is not purely a chocolate cake.


– Red velvet incorporates red coloring and sometimes beets to achieve a reddish brown color. It also includes cream frosting between the layers.
– Red velvet contains cocoa powder, but has a subtle chocolate flavor compared to traditional chocolate cake.
– Some recipes add more cocoa powder to deepen the red color of the cake.

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