Difference Between Regular Kissing & French Kissing

Kissing is a natural physical act of intimacy that is used by people for various reasons. Kissing can be a short peck on the cheek or it can be lip locking or even more intense French kissing. French kissing, though it is the most intense type of kissing, still remains a kiss and no more. However, there are obvious differences between a simple kiss and a French kiss that will be enumerated in this article.


Kissing is an act of expressing one warmth and affection towards another human being and is commonly seen as a way to greet others. A grandfather planting a peck on the cheeks of his granddaughter or a mother planting a kiss on the cheeks or other parts of the body of her infant are gestures that are not only natural, they tell us how important contact with another human being with one’s lips can be. Kissing is an act that can be asexual as when it takes between siblings, strangers, parents and offspring and also when it is a gesture to greet another person.

However, kissing can be intimate and lead to sexual arousal when it takes place between two people interested in each other. Kissing can be a quick peck on the cheek or it can be a long lip locking. It can even be a French kiss where tongues of the persons involved in a kiss are as important as lips and grope inside each other’s mouth.

French Kissing

A French Kiss is a symbol of passion and intimacy and a type of kiss that is overtly sexual in nature. It involves a man and a woman inserting their tongues in each other’s mouths in such a manner that their lips remain locked for a long time. It would be correct to describe a French Kiss as an open mouthed kiss with tongues having a freedom to explore the mouth of the other person. A French Kiss is an act that expresses the sexual desire of the individuals involved in the act.

Inside France, it is not a French Kiss but a kiss with tongue or a lover’s kiss. The art of French kiss lies in gaining expertise over the exploration of tongue inside the mouth of your partner.

Key Takeaways

  • A French kiss is a type of kiss
  • A kiss can be asexual, but a French kiss is an expression of sexual desire between a romantic couple
  • Kiss involves a peck on the cheek or the locking of lips, but French kiss goes a bit deeper as it involves the use of tongue inside each other’s mouths
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