Difference Between Regular Paprika & Sweet Paprika

Paprika vs Sweet Paprika

Paprika is a powder created from the fruit of capsicum peppers and is used as a spice to not only provide color to soups and stews but also to contribute aroma and flavor. There are numerous types of paprika produced worldwide, and people often struggle to differentiate between paprika and sweet paprika. Although they may look the same, there are differences between these two that will be discussed in this article.

What is Paprika?

Paprika is an incredibly popular spice in the Americas, ranking as the 4th most-consumed spice globally. Although paprika powder is usually red, it can also be brown or even yellow, depending on the variety of pepper used to create the spice. Powder labeled as paprika is neither hot nor sweet and is typically used for garnishing and adding color to food dishes, such as deviled eggs. Paprika is made by drying the fruits of bell pepper or chili pepper and then grinding them. The primary producers of paprika include Hungary, Spain, Serbia, and some regions of the US. Paprika burns in hot oil quickly, which is why it should only be in hot oil for a few seconds.

What is Sweet Paprika?

Sweet paprika is a spice made by grinding a variety of capsicum peppers called Noble Sweet. Due to its mild taste, it is primarily used to garnish and add color to food dishes. Sweet paprika is also used for seasoning rice and stews and as an ingredient in sausages.

Key Takeaways

  • Sweet paprika is a type of paprika spice.
  • Paprika is made from dried capsicum pepper fruits after grinding them.
  • Paprika is rather bland in taste, whereas sweet paprika is sweet in taste, and it is produced from a variety of capsicum peppers called Noble Sweet.
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