Difference Between Restricted & Prohibited

Restricted and prohibited are two terms in the English language that can cause confusion, particularly for non-native speakers. These words are often used in various contexts, such as restricted and prohibited firearms, entry points, imports, and airspace for pilots. Both terms indicate that certain places, areas, spaces, and items are not intended for everyone and can only be accessed or used by selected, authorized individuals. This article aims to clarify the differences between restricted and prohibited to help readers use these terms correctly.

Key Takeaways

  • Restricted generally means that a place or item is only accessible or usable by specific individuals, with approval from relevant authorities.
  • Prohibited implies a more severe restriction, often indicating that access or use is completely forbidden and could result in criminal charges.
  • Both restricted and prohibited are used to disallow entry or use, but prohibited is more severe than restricted, with prohibited spaces having no access whatsoever and restricted spaces having some or limited access.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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