Difference Between Ritual & Tradition

Every society and culture has its own unique set of rituals and traditions, which are unwritten laws and norms pertaining to behavior and action when interacting with others. These rituals and traditions are often related to events and ceremonies, particularly those associated with religion. While there are many similarities between rituals and traditions, there are also some subtle differences.

Key Takeaways

  • Rituals are observed almost religiously, as they typically have a religious backing and are therefore considered essential for individuals in society. They involve specific acts or a series of acts that have a symbolic value and make an event formal and traditional.
  • Traditions are acts, behaviors, or belief systems that are handed down from one generation to another in a society or culture, having special significance for its members. They often serve as a fabric running across the social spectrum, helping to bind society together and instructing individuals on how to act and behave when interacting with others.
  • While rituals involve specific actions or series of actions, traditions encompass a wider variety of things and concepts that are passed down through generations. For example, a handshake as a greeting is a ritual, while the practice of honoring and respecting seniors is a tradition.
Gil Tillard
Gil Tillard
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