Difference between salwar & churidar


1. Salwar and churidar have different traditional and modern appearances, with churidar being more artificial and modern in nature.
2. The method of stitching for salwar and churidar is different, with different cuts and curves that characterize each style.
3. Churidar has a longer length compared to salwar, with wrinkles appearing on the ankle portion. Additionally, churidar is characterized by a leg-like shape with a few inches of margin to facilitate leg movements.


Salwar vs Churidar

It is commonly believed that churidar originated from salwar over time. Churidar has a unique and appealing appearance when worn, which is why it became popular.

Traditional vs Modern

One of the main differences between salwar and churidar is the traditional touch. Salwar has a more traditional look, while churidar has a more artificial and modern appearance. The transition from salwar to churidar represents the shift from traditional to modern fashion.

Stitching and Making

There are noticeable differences in the way salwar and churidar are stitched. The cuts and curves of salwar differ from those of churidar, making their making process distinct. Salwar has evolved into the modern salwar kameez.

Length and Design

Another difference between salwar and churidar lies in the length of the pants. Churidar pants are longer and often have wrinkles around the ankles. Traditional salwar pants have pleats at the top, which are not commonly seen in modern churidar designs.

Churidar has a leg-like shape with a few inches of margin to allow for leg movements. The top of the salwar is long, usually reaching the knee, and the sleeves can be either short or long based on personal preference.

Design Category

One significant difference is that salwar is not considered a design category, while churidar belongs to the design category of garments.

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