Difference between Satan & Devil


Satan and Devil are two words often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. Devil refers to someone who lies about others, while Satan simply means an enemy or someone who opposes others. Initially, both terms were used to describe the chief enemy of God. Satan was originally a perfect angel in heaven, but he became Satan when he desired to be worshipped. Some argue that Satan and devil are the same, while others see them as separate entities responsible for different aspects of evil. The Bible also mentions other names for the fallen angel, such as Lucifer and Beezelbul.


1) The word ‘devil’ conveys the idea of someone who constantly tells lies about others, while the word ‘Satan’ simply means an enemy or one who opposes another person.
2) Both Satan and devil were initially terms given to the chief enemy of God. Satan was a perfect angel in heaven who became Satan when he desired worship for himself.
3) While some believe that Satan and devil are the same entity spoken of differently, others consider devil as the primary cause of evil and suffering on Earth, while Satan is seen as a dark entity responsible for tempting humans to engage in evil actions.

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