Difference Between School & Education

School vs Education

The primary distinction between school and education is that school is a means to obtain education. While people often confuse the meanings and usage of school and education, they are different in terms of their senses and usage. School refers to a place of education, whereas education refers to learning or teaching. There are other differences between the two, which will be discussed in this article.

Key Takeaways

  • School is a place that offers education, while education is the process of learning or teaching.
  • Education can be both formal (through institutions) and informal (through life experiences), while school is a formal institution in the education field.
  • Education encompasses a wide range of subjects, while school is only one level of education.

What is Education?

Education is the process of learning or the process of teaching. Most of the time, when we refer to education, we are referring to the learning and teaching process experienced within an institution. However, education can also be learning anything in life, such as learning to ride a bike. This form of education does not occur in an institution but is learned from parents or friends.

Education is imparted in schools, and a person who educates students in a school or college is called an educator. Education contributes to a person’s personal development and refinement. Attending school is an important part of a person’s life, particularly the early years, as it provides the foundation for future success. Education is the manifestation of perfection that is already in a person and paves the way for culture. An educated person is typically cultured, while an uneducated person is often uncultured. However, some well-educated individuals may behave irrationally and disgracefully, making them uncultured. So, while education and culture generally go hand in hand, there can be exceptions.

What is School?

A school is a place that offers education to people. Schools are established in every country worldwide to provide children with the knowledge necessary to live in this world. School is typically where a child acquires their primary and secondary education, learning a language, mathematics, sciences, history, and other subjects that help them understand and navigate the world. Once a child completes their school education, they may have the opportunity to attend college or university, depending on their performance, to study subjects they are interested in.

School education usually begins when a child is six years old and lasts until they are around 17, 18, or 19 years old, depending on the country. Primary schools contain children under 11, and secondary schools accommodate children from 11 years old onwards. School systems vary, with every country having private and public schools. Public schools are run by the government, and these schools typically share the same features and curriculum, as a governing body makes decisions. Private schools are managed by a private board, and students usually have to pay higher fees to attend. Regardless of the type of school, all schools are established with the objective of providing an educational opportunity for children.

What is the difference between School and Education?

  • Definition of School and Education:
    • Education is the process of learning or the process of teaching.
    • School is a place that offers education.
  • Nature:
    • Education is a process and a profession.
    • School is an institution, but the word schooling refers to the process of education.
  • Structure:
    • Education is formal when obtained from an institution and informal when learned from life experiences.
    • School is a formal institution in the field of education, but there are other institutions as well.
  • Coverage:
    • The term education covers a vast range of subjects, as all subjects and learned experiences fall under it.
    • School does not cover as vast an area as education, as it is only one level of education.
  • Public and Private:
    • Both public and private educational systems exist.
    • There are public and private schools.

The differences between school and education demonstrate that school is a part of the vast area called education, and these terms should not be used as synonyms.

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