Difference between Shura & Democracy


Democracy and shura are two concepts that are often confused with each other. While democracy is a widely accepted form of governance around the world, shura is a word that describes the process of decision-making in Islam. This article aims to clarify the differences between the two concepts.


Democracy is a system of governance where elected or nominated representatives of the people make decisions on their behalf. It allows people to vote for candidates who will represent their interests in the legislative assembly or parliament. There are different forms of democracy, such as parliamentary and presidential. In parliamentary democracies, the leader of the ruling party becomes the head of the government, while in presidential democracies, the president holds the highest position of power.


Shura is an Arabic word that means deliberation and consultation. It is a process of decision-making, but it is not specifically tied to political governance. Shura can be used at any level and is not limited to political rulers. While the word is mentioned in the Quran, it is not exclusively an Islamic concept, as it was practiced even before the arrival of Islam.

Differences between Shura and Democracy

– Democracy is a western concept, while shura is an Arabic word.
– Democracy can be either parliamentary or presidential, while shura is a procedure for decision-making.
– Shura is mentioned in the Quran, but it is not solely an Islamic concept, as it existed in various tribes before Islam.
– Shura cannot be compared to democracy, as it is not a system of governance.


1. Democracy is a system of governance that involves elected or nominated representatives of the people, while Shura is a process of decision making in Islam.
2. Democracy is a western concept and can be parliamentary or presidential, while Shura is an Arabic word meaning deliberation or consultation.
3. Shura is mentioned in the Quran but is not purely an Islamic concept and can be used at any level, whereas democracy is a political system or system of governance.

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