Difference Between Sleep & Slumber

Sleep and Slumber are two distinct states of rest experienced by the human mind and body. Sleep is considered the primary state of rest, while slumber is seen as the ultimate state of rest. The main difference between the two lies in the presence or absence of dreams. Sleep is typically accompanied by dreams, while slumber is not.

Key Takeaways

  • Sleep is the primary state of rest, while slumber is the ultimate state of rest.
  • Sleep is usually accompanied by dreams, whereas slumber is not.
  • In sleep, the sub-conscious mind is inactive, but in slumber, the sub-conscious mind remains active and is believed to become one with the Supreme Bliss.

Philosophers have classified four states of the human mind: awakening, sleep, slumber, and the Supreme. In the awakening state, a person is conscious of their actions. During sleep, they experience dreams. In the slumber state, the sub-conscious mind is active and merges with total consciousness. In the Supreme state, the highest vision is attained.

It is often believed that sages can achieve the Supreme state of mind. Slumber is seen as a state very close to the Supreme state, as it also experiences Supreme Bliss without dreams. A person in slumber often reports having slept so well that they were unaware of any dreams during their rest.

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