Difference Between Smoothies & Juices

Smoothie vs Juice

Health-conscious individuals have always sought the best way to obtain the nutrients from green vegetables and fresh fruits. This pursuit has led to the development of two similar yet distinct methods for consuming these nutrient-rich foods: juices and smoothies. The debate continues as to which method is healthier or better for us, juicing or blending. While the freshness of juices is undeniable, smoothie enthusiasts appreciate the rich and creamy taste. Let’s examine the differences between juices and smoothies and determine if one is superior to the other.


Juice is a beverage created by pressing vegetables or fruits in a juicing machine. This machine is designed to remove the pulp of the fruits and vegetables, resulting in a liquid extracted from a plant or fruit with all of the fiber removed. The juicing process not only removes fibers but also some of the proteins present in these fibers. However, drinking juices is highly beneficial to our bodies as they are easily digested, and the body does not need to exert any effort to obtain nutrients from them. If a vegetable or fruit contains juice, it can easily be extracted using a juicing machine.


A smoothie is a beverage obtained by blending various fruits and vegetables. This means that a smoothie essentially retains all of its ingredients, including fibers, resulting in a liquid form of the same food item. The fibers of fruits and vegetables are broken down in a smoothie, but they remain in the mixture, making it thicker and creamier than juice. You can make a smoothie using a wide range of ingredients, not just fruits and vegetables. A powerful blender is all that is needed to blend the ingredients to a drinkable consistency.

Key Takeaways

  • Juices are thinner than smoothies, free from fibers, and easier to digest.
  • Smoothies contain fibers and typically have more proteins than juices.
  • Juices are limited to fruits and vegetables, while smoothies can be made from various ingredients, including herbs and seeds.
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