Difference between spare ribs & baby back ribs


1. Baby back ribs come from the loin section of a pig, while spare ribs come from the belly section of the ribcage.
2. Spare ribs have longer and larger bones compared to baby back ribs, which are tender.
3. Spare ribs are cheaper and have more fat, while baby back ribs are leaner and cook faster.


There is a difference between spare ribs and baby back ribs, two popular cuts of pork. While some may think they are the same, they come from different parts of the pig. Baby back ribs are cut from the loin section, making them lean and tender. They are shorter in length and come from smaller pigs. On the other hand, spare ribs are obtained from the rib cage around the belly of the pig. They have more meat and are larger and tougher. Spare ribs require a longer cooking time and have more fat. They are better suited for smoking, while baby back ribs are ideal for grilling. Baby back ribs cook faster due to their leaner meat. Spare ribs are also cheaper compared to baby back ribs.

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