Difference Between Spirituality & Spiritualism

Spirituality vs Spiritualism

Spirituality and spiritualism may appear similar, but their meanings differ significantly. Many people confuse these two terms, thinking they have the same meaning. Spirituality exists within a person’s mind and is a state achieved, perhaps after a long period of attempts and trials. On the other hand, spiritualism is a belief that the spirits of the dead can and want to communicate with the living. This article will discuss the terms spirituality and spiritualism and the differences between them in detail.

What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism believes that when a person dies, they may have an afterlife and can keep in contact with the living. However, spiritualism has many interpretations in different religions. Some common beliefs shared by all spiritualism followers include the soul’s ability to have an afterlife and the existence beyond the human physical body, even after death. These afterlife beings are often called “spirits” and can communicate with living people. They can also improve themselves and take on another human form.

Spiritualism also provides a clue for reincarnation. The world of spirits is not static or stable, and spirits can evolve and experience rebirth. Moreover, spiritualism believes that spirits provide knowledge about God and the afterlife. There are many spiritualism followers worldwide.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a state of mind achieved based on a subjective experience or religious ideals. It can be identified in people who have attained an extreme mental state, far beyond physical existence. This process involves human transformation from one psychological state to another. Many religions have recognized this psychological transformation and interpreted it in various ways. However, spirituality is not solely a product of religion; the individual must put in effort to achieve this state of mind or higher level. Spirituality does not have a direct relationship with a person’s outer appearance; their inner self is much more advanced.

What is the difference between Spirituality and Spiritualism?

Both spirituality and spiritualism have connections with the idea of existence beyond human faculty and have their religious interpretations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spiritualism is achieved by someone after their death, whereas spirituality is a state of mind achieved within human life itself.
  • Spirituality involves a mental state beyond physical existence, while spiritualism focuses on communication between spirits and the living.
  • Both terms may appear similar, but their meanings are significantly different from each other.
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