Difference Between Spun Yarn & Filament Yarn

Spun Yarn vs Filament Yarn

Yarn is the material utilized for fabric manufacturing. It is composed of fibers that have been twisted to provide strength to the yarn. Although many people can’t differentiate fibers from yarn, yarn is an intermediate product made from fibers and used to create fabrics. Generally, all yarn is spun. However, the term filament yarn is also used, causing confusion for some people. In this article, the differences between spun yarn and filament yarn will be discussed.

Filament Yarn

There are two types of fibers used for making yarn: filament and staple fibers. Filament fibers are so long that they can function as yarn themselves. Since they don’t need twisting to become yarn, they are sometimes referred to as filament yarn. Most fibers labeled as filament are manmade in laboratories. Nylon and polyester are two such fibers that are long and strong enough to be used as yarn for fabric production. Thread is another term used for a type of yarn intended for sewing. Although it is made by twisting fibers, it appears as a single fiber because wax is used to hold the staple fibers together in the thread.

Spun Yarn

The process of joining two or more fibers together by twisting to create a strong yarn is called spinning. Spun yarn can be made from a single type of fiber or by twisting different fibers together. Blended yarn results from spinning various kinds of fibers together, such as cotton polyester or wool acrylic yarn. Yarn can also be 2 ply or 3 ply, depending on the number of yarns twisted together.

Key Takeaways

  • Yarn is made by twisting fibers together to create a strong product for fabric manufacturing.
  • All yarn is spun yarn, and the term filament yarn is actually a misnomer.
  • Filament yarn refers to long and strong fibers that are so lengthy that they can function as yarns themselves.
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