Difference Between Steel & Fibreglass Doors


1. Steel doors provide better security compared to fibreglass doors, as they cannot be easily broken by tools like crowbars.
2. Fibreglass doors offer a more visually appealing option, as they have a wood grain finish and can mimic the look of a wooden door.
3. Steel doors provide better insulation compared to fibreglass doors, as the skin of steel doors helps prevent cold air from passing through.


Steel and Fibreglass doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance requirements, attractive appearance, insulation, and longevity. They are gradually replacing traditional wooden doors, although not completely.

Steel Door

Steel doors are commonly used as entry doors in Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and other establishments that require cost-effective doors. The main reason for the growing popularity of steel doors is their security factor. The steel door frames are difficult to break using crowbars or other tools.

Fibreglass Door

In the 1980s, as steel doors gained popularity, there was a growing demand in the market for an alternative door material that combined the strength of steel with the appearance of a wooden door. This led to the development of fibreglass doors, which have the qualities of steel doors but with a wood grain finish.

Difference between Steel and Fibreglass Doors

When it comes to cost, fibreglass doors are a suitable option for those looking for high-end, aesthetically pleasing doors. On the other hand, steel doors are a great substitute for those with a limited budget. However, if a better-insulated door is needed, steel doors are the better choice. The steel skin of the door prevents cold air from passing through, unlike fibreglass doors which are made of a solid material all the way through.

The choice between steel and fibreglass doors ultimately depends on the preferences of the owner and factors such as weather conditions, security needs, aesthetic requirements, and budget.

In summary:
– Steel doors are cheaper than fibreglass doors, but fibreglass doors offer low maintenance and durability.
– Steel doors are commonly used in small to medium-sized establishments, while fibreglass doors are suitable for establishments that require additional security, such as banks.

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