Difference Between Study Abroad & Study Locally


1. Study abroad requires a student visa, while studying locally does not.
2. Studying abroad is more expensive due to visa, passport, and travel expenses, while studying locally only requires payment of course fees.
3. Study abroad offers more job opportunities and specialized degrees, while studying locally is more focused on basic degrees and is more economical.

Study Abroad vs Study Locally

There are significant differences between studying abroad and studying locally. When studying abroad, a student needs a visa or permission called a student visa, whereas studying locally does not require a visa as the study is in local universities.

Studying locally is generally less expensive compared to studying abroad. This is because studying abroad involves additional expenses such as visa, passport, foreign exchange, flight charges, and more. In addition, you would have to spend money on fees for the entire duration of the course.

On the other hand, studying locally eliminates the need for these extra expenditures. It is sufficient to spend money on the fees for the entire duration of the course at the local university.

One drawback of studying locally is that some courses that students are interested in may not be offered by local universities. This is a primary reason why students seek admission into foreign universities, as they want to pursue their desired courses.

Studying abroad opens up new job opportunities, which may not be the case when studying locally. Some students choose to study abroad to specialize in a particular branch of science or arts.

On the other hand, studying locally is a practical choice for obtaining basic degrees. For example, many students prefer to study and obtain their basic medical degrees locally but opt for studying abroad when it comes to pursuing specialization in medicine. This approach of studying for basic degrees locally and then pursuing specialization abroad is also more economical.

Overall, the choice between studying abroad and studying locally depends on various factors, such as the availability of desired courses, career aspirations, and financial considerations.

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