Difference Between Style & Fashion


1. Fashion is temporary and has a limited time span, while style is permanent and timeless.
2. Fashion is a trend that people follow to be called fashionable, while style is a creation of individuals that influences others to follow suit.
3. Style is not limited to clothing and accessories, but can be associated with anything that makes a person look stylish.


Fashion and style are commonly used words that are often interchanged. However, there are differences between the two. Fashion refers to what is currently trendy and in vogue, while style is more permanent and timeless. This article aims to explore the distinctions between fashion and style to clarify any confusion.


Fashion is cyclical and changes over time. It refers to what is considered trendy at a particular time or season. Following fashion means conforming to what is popular and cool. However, fashion is temporary, and to remain fashionable, one must adapt to new trends.


Style, on the other hand, is personal and independent of fashion. It is not limited to clothing and accessories but can be seen in anything that makes a person appear stylish. Style is individualistic and can incorporate elements of current fashion while giving them a unique touch.

Difference between Style and Fashion

Fashion serves as a guide for creating personal style. It involves incorporating current trends into one’s wardrobe to suit their personality. Some people blindly follow fashion without developing their own style. These individuals can be considered fashionable but not stylish. However, it is possible to be stylish without conforming to current fashion trends. If someone feels that the current fashion does not suit their personality, they can create their own style by making changes to the existing fashion.

In summary, fashion is temporary and limited to a certain time span, while style is permanent and timeless. Fashion influences people to follow trends to be considered fashionable, whereas style is a personal creation that may inspire others to follow suit.

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