Difference Between Suffragists & Suffragettes

Suffragette and suffragist are two terms that originate from the word suffrage, which means the right to vote. In the Western world, particularly the UK and the US, women were denied the right to vote until the end of the 19th century, leading to protests and demonstrations. Both suffragists and suffragettes participated in these movements until women were granted their rightful suffrage.

Suffragist is a term used by members of women’s groups working for the right to suffrage. These groups included not only women but also those who supported the cause of women and advocated for women to be given voting rights. In contrast, suffragette refers to the female members of the groups fighting for voting rights for women, making it a feminine form of the general term suffragist.

Key Takeaways

  • Suffragist is a generic term that includes men and women who supported the cause of women’s suffrage.
  • Suffragette refers to women members of the groups that were sometimes violent and aggressive in their actions to draw attention to their cause.
  • Suffragists behaved in a peaceful manner, sending letters to their elected representatives to raise their voices in support.
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