Difference Between Summary & Conclusion

Summary vs Conclusion

Summary and Conclusion are two terms that are used in essay writing and thesis writing respectively with difference. A summary is a short form of an essay, containing the salient points. On the other hand, a conclusion contains the gist of the research findings in a thesis.

You can write a summary on any given chapter of a non-fiction book, highlighting its key points. Similarly, a summary of a scene in a play should include the important events.

In contrast, a conclusion should provide a concise summary of the purpose established through research. It should be noted that paragraphs in a conclusion should not be too lengthy, while they can be lengthy in a summary.

Summarizing characters of a play or novel involves highlighting the events in their lives and their personalities. A summary can be elaborate, but a conclusion should be brief.

Both summary and conclusion require skill to master and contribute significantly to the quality of a thesis.

Key Takeaways

1. The main difference between a summary and a conclusion is that a summary provides a condensed version of the main points of an essay or chapter, while a conclusion summarizes the research findings of a thesis.
2. Summaries can be longer and more detailed, while conclusions should be short and concise.
3. Both summaries and conclusions require skill on the part of the writer to effectively convey the main ideas and purpose of the text.

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Maria Nguyen
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