Difference between summary & executive summary


Summary and executive summary are terms commonly used in education and business respectively. While a summary provides a brief account of various events in a play or novel, an executive summary is a shorter document that summarizes a longer report, particularly in a business context. There are key differences in terms of purpose, language, structure, and content between a summary and an executive summary.

Differences Between Summary and Executive Summary

1. Purpose: A summary provides the salient features of a novel, short story, or play, while an executive summary is a condensed version of a business report, which may include a conclusion and business recommendations.

2. Language: An executive summary is written in non-technical language appropriate for a business audience, whereas a summary may be written for any general audience.

3. Conclusion: An executive summary must have a conclusion, whereas a conclusion is not necessary in a summary.

4. Paragraph Length: An executive summary typically contains short and concise paragraphs, whereas a summary may have longer paragraphs.

Overall, a summary is intended to present the main points of an essay or story in a shorter form, while an executive summary aims to provide a concise overview of a longer business report and make business recommendations.

Key Takeaways

1. The difference between a summary and an executive summary is that a summary gives salient features of a novel, short story, or play, while an executive summary summarizes a longer report, especially a business report.
2. An executive summary is a condensed version of a full business document and needs skill to execute, while a summary can be a brief account or elaborate account of various events.
3. An executive summary should contain short and concise paragraphs and ultimately make a business recommendation, while a summary can have longer paragraphs and does not require a conclusion.

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