Difference Between Tailor & Seamstress

Tailor vs Seamstress

Dressmaker, seamstress, tailor, and so on are terms frequently used interchangeably when referring to a person who creates clothing. These professions and skills tend to overlap, as they both involve using similar tools and materials to cut and sew fabric into the desired garment. Both tailors and seamstresses create custom clothing designed to fit their clients’ specific measurements. However, there are some differences between the two roles, which we will explore in this article.


A tailor is a person who measures a client’s body, then cuts and sews fabric to create a well-fitting garment. There was a time when tailors held significant importance in their communities, as they were responsible for transforming fabric into clothing for both men and women. While the advent of ready-made clothing has somewhat diminished the need for tailors, they are still sought after for creating custom outfits, particularly for special occasions. Today, tailors primarily focus on crafting men’s suits and coats, using a variety of fabrics such as wool, linen, cotton, and silk. Although the term “tailor” typically refers to a male professional, there are also female tailors, sometimes referred to as “ladies tailors” or “seamstresses.”


According to dictionaries, a seamstress is a woman who professionally sews clothing. This definition does not differentiate a seamstress from a female tailor. In garment factories, a seamstress is a woman who sews the seams of clothing using a machine, and may not have the skills to create an entire garment. It is important to note that seamstresses (and their male counterparts, seamsters) primarily work on women’s clothing, while tailors typically focus on men’s suits and coats. In the past, women would visit a dressmaker or seamstress for their clothing needs, while men would go to tailors. However, this distinction has blurred somewhat in modern times, as women increasingly wear jeans and business attire similar to men’s clothing.

Key Takeaways

  • A seamstress is a woman who sews professionally, while a tailor is a gender-neutral term.
  • Seamsters are the male counterparts of seamstresses.
  • Seamstresses typically work on women’s clothing and sew seams, while tailors often focus on men’s suits and coats.
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