Difference Between Tandoori & Tikka

Tandoori and Tikka are both popular Mughlai non-vegetarian chicken recipes from India and Pakistan, often found in restaurants in Western countries. Both are prepared in special ovens called Tandoor, which are earthenware pots made of clay and heated with charcoal. Cooking in a Tandoor is similar to a barbecue, but the spices used and the clay give the chicken a distinct aroma.

Key Takeaways

  • Tandoori and Tikka are both chicken dishes made in a Tandoor (grilled).
  • Tandoori may be half or full chicken, while Tikka is boneless chicken.
  • Tandoori may be any part of the chicken with bones, while Tikka is necessarily the breast of chicken without bones.

In Tandoori chicken, slices are made and spices are filled before marinating overnight. In Tikka, boneless pieces are coated in yogurt and spices. Both dishes have a reddish appearance and are cooked on Tandoor with the help of skewers to cook them from all sides. They are popular with Westerners as they are oil-free and not curries, typically eaten with onion, salad, coriander sauce (chutney), and lime.

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