Difference Between Technique & Technology

Technique and technology are two related but different terms that often confuse people. They are distinct in their meanings and usage in various contexts. Technique refers to a way of doing something or an activity, while technology pertains to the complex processes and scientific principles used in devices and appliances. Understanding the differences between these two terms can help clarify their meanings and usage.


When two players participate in a table tennis game using the same equipment and rules, their gameplay might appear to be different due to the techniques they employ. The way they hold their bats and make strokes can result in contrasting styles. For example, smashing the ball and slicing it during contact are two different techniques. In essence, a technique is a style of doing the same thing differently.

Some techniques, such as data entry using a typewriter or keyboard, remain the same despite significant advancements in computer technology. Likewise, the basic aspect of driving utilizes the same age-old technique despite numerous changes in car technology. In sports like cricket, players may seem to do the same things, but they have their own techniques of batting, fielding, and bowling that are evident to enthusiasts.


The term “technology” refers to the scientific principles and complex processes that operate within a gadget or appliance. It encompasses various fields like computer technology, communication technology, and medical technology. To explain complex processes, simpler terms and phrases are coined, such as RO (reverse osmosis) and UV (ultraviolet) for water purification. Although people might not fully understand the principles behind these technologies, they use terms like RO and UV, and they become commonplace.

Advancements in technology are visible in every field, from the earliest printing press to modern desktop printing. The same can be said about cameras, televisions, computers, and other gadgets that people use regularly. However, technology isn’t limited to hardware and electrical or electronic appliances. It has evolved in clothing, accessories, cleaning, driving, writing, reading, and various other aspects of life, enriching people’s lives and simplifying tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Technique is a way or style of doing things, while technology is the application of scientific principles behind the working of gadgets.
  • Technology continuously advances to make appliances smarter and more efficient.
  • Different people have different techniques for using the same technology.
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