Difference Between Toward & Towards

Toward vs Towards

When it comes to describing the action of moving in a particular direction, people often find themselves wondering whether to use “toward” or “towards.” Both words are used globally, with some regions favoring one over the other. This article will explore if there is any difference between the two words.

According to dictionaries, there is no difference in meaning between “toward” and “towards.” This remains true when either word is used in a specific context. Some may think that “toward” is singular while “towards” is plural; however, since both words function as prepositions, not nouns, “towards” cannot be labeled as plural simply because it has an “s” at the end. People often use either of the two words depending on which one sounds better to them.

The American Heritage Dictionary of English Usage claims that Americans tend to use “towards” more often than “toward.” Conversely, Britons are more likely to use “toward” rather than “towards.” Generally, Americans are known for simplifying things and using shorter spellings than their British counterparts. However, in the case of “toward” vs. “towards,” Americans strangely prefer the longer spelling.

Key Takeaways

  • “Toward” and “towards” have the same meaning and can be used interchangeably.
  • Differences between “toward” and “towards,” if any, seem to be dialectical.
  • British English favors “toward,” while American English favors “towards.”
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Gil Tillard
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