Difference between traditional farming & modern farming


Traditional farming and modern farming are two different approaches to agriculture. Traditional farming follows traditional methods and techniques, while modern farming incorporates advanced technology. This article will explore the differences between the two.

Equipment Used

Traditional farming utilizes age-old agricultural equipment, whereas modern farming employs modern equipment. Modern farming relies on technology-intensive methods.

Adaptability to Environment

Traditional farming is more adaptable to unpredictable environments compared to modern farming. Modern farming heavily relies on modern procedures and equipment, making it less tolerant to environmental changes.

Yield Quality

While traditional farming may yield less, its produce is often of better quality. On the other hand, modern farming may sacrifice quality due to the overuse of technological equipment.

Job Opportunities

Traditional farming requires a significant amount of labor, providing more job opportunities. In contrast, modern farming relies on machines, resulting in fewer job opportunities for laborers.

Methods Used

Modern farming implements methods such as pesticides, plant breeding, agronomy, antibiotics, and hormones. These methods are not commonly employed in traditional farming, which relies more on homemade preparations to combat pests and insects.

Overall, traditional farming and modern farming differ in their equipment, adaptability to the environment, yield quality, job opportunities, and methods used.


1. Traditional farming adheres to traditional methods of agriculture, while modern farming experiments with advanced technology in agriculture.
2. Traditional farming uses traditional and age-old agriculture equipment, while modern farming uses modern equipment and technology-intensive methods.
3. Traditional farming tolerates unpredictable environments better, while modern farming relies heavily on modern procedures and equipment.

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