Difference between violin & guitar


1. The violin and guitar are different in terms of their characteristics and features.
2. The violin is played with a bow, while the guitar is played with the fingers or a pick.
3. The violin is used in a variety of musical genres, while the guitar is also used in different genres such as blues, country, jazz, rock, reggae, and pop.


In the world of music, the violin and guitar are two popular instruments that are used in various ways by musicians. While they have some similarities, they also have distinct characteristics and features that set them apart.


The violin is a string instrument that is known for its four strings, which are tuned in perfect fifths. It is played using a bow, which creates the sound by running across the strings. Sometimes, the violin is also referred to as a fiddle.

When it comes to construction, violins are typically made of different types of wood. However, electric violins are an exception and are not made of wood at all.

Musically, the violin is versatile and can be used in a variety of genres, including Baroque, classical, jazz, folk, and rock and roll.


The guitar, on the other hand, is a plucked string instrument. It is played using either the fingers or a pick, and does not require a bow. Guitars can be made of various woods, and some models even use polycarbonate materials.

There are three main types of guitars: classical, steel-string acoustic, and archtop. These different types offer their own unique sounds and styles.

Like the violin, the guitar is also used in a wide range of musical genres, such as blues, country, jazz, rock, reggae, and pop.


Overall, while both the violin and guitar are string instruments, they differ in terms of how they are played, the materials used in their construction, and the genres they are commonly used in. Each instrument offers its own distinct qualities and sound, making them beloved choices for musicians around the world.

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