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In ancient times, there were people considered to have the ability to cast spells and knowledge of magic or sorcery. These individuals were called wizards or mages, and they were highly respected in their respective cultures. However, there are differences between a wizard and a mage that can often cause confusion. This article aims to clarify these differences and highlight the unique features of each.


A wizard is someone who has mastery over magic, which they have acquired through memorization or in-depth studying. They are considered to be very technical in their approach to magic and often rely on a specific instrument, such as a staff, to cast spells. Wizards are known for their use of old school magic and are often seen as specialists in the field.


A mage, on the other hand, is someone who is considered wise and knowledgeable in the ways of magic. They have a high intellect and are known for their ability to perform rituals. While some mages may use an instrument to cast spells, it is not a defining characteristic of a mage. Mages are often associated with being descendants of Zoroastrian forefathers. There are both factual mages, who draw magical power from within themselves, and fictional mages, who perform magic like wizards.

What is the difference between Wizard and Mage?

– A mage is a blanket term used for any magician, while a wizard is specifically someone who has studied magic and sorcery.
– The term wizard originates from an old English word meaning wise man, and it can be used to describe anyone with exceptional abilities or skills.
– Mages perform more rituals than wizards do, but both are capable of casting spells.
– Wizards often use a special instrument like a staff, while mages typically do not rely on an instrument.
– Mage is not gender-specific, while a wizard is always male.


1. In ancient times, there were individuals known as wizards and mages who had the ability to cast spells and possess knowledge of magic or sorcery, and they were highly respected and feared by society.
2. Wizards are magic specialists who rely on instruments, such as a staff, to cast spells, and they have a technical approach to magic.
3. Mages, on the other hand, are considered wise individuals with high intellect and knowledge of magic, and they often perform rituals rather than relying on instruments to cast spells.

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