Difference between yellow sapphire & topaz


1. Yellow sapphire is in high demand and often substituted with topaz by unscrupulous jewelers.
2. Topaz has a wider range of colors and can be more visually attractive than yellow sapphire.
3. Yellow sapphire is more expensive and considered a precious gemstone, while topaz is a semi-precious gemstone and cheaper in comparison.


Yellow sapphire and topaz are gemstones that are often mistaken for each other. Although they may appear similar, there are several differences between the two. This article will highlight these differences to help readers distinguish between yellow sapphire and topaz.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in India, is a gemstone that belongs to the Corundum family. It is available in various colors, including blue, pink, and, of course, yellow. Other variations such as green, orange, and violet sapphires can also be found.


Topaz is a semiprecious gemstone composed of aluminum silicate with trace amounts of fluorine. It is initially colorless but can take on various hues due to impurities. These colors can range from wine and yellow to orange, brown, and pale grey.

Differences between Yellow Sapphire and Topaz

– Yellow sapphire, or Pukhraj, is in high demand due to its reputation for curing various problems. Some jewelers may try to sell topaz as yellow sapphire to meet this demand.
– Topaz can be more visually appealing than yellow sapphire due to its wider range of colors.
– Topaz is cheaper than yellow sapphire and is abundantly available. Yellow sapphire, on the other hand, is rare and thus more expensive.
– Yellow sapphire is considered a precious gemstone, while topaz is classified as semiprecious.
– Yellow sapphire is highly valued and is often compared to diamonds in terms of price and allure.
– Yellow sapphire has a higher hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, whereas topaz has a hardness of 8.
– Sapphire is an oxide of aluminum, belonging to the corundum family, whereas topaz is a silicate of aluminum.
– Yellow sapphire has a higher specific gravity and density compared to topaz.
– A 5 carat topaz can be just as big as an 8 carat yellow sapphire.
– Topaz is considerably cheaper, often priced at only one-fifth to one-tenth of the price of yellow sapphire.

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