Difference Between Zune & Zune HD


1. Zune and Zune HD are portable music players, with Zune being the first generation and Zune HD being the latest.
2. Zune HD is smaller and lighter than Zune, with a larger screen and higher screen resolution.
3. Zune HD has additional features such as OLED capacitive touch screen, HD video output, and HD radio.


Zune and Zune HD are portable music players from Microsoft. Zune is the first generation, while Zune HD is the latest version. Both are popular for their features such as playing music, videos, podcasts, and games. This article compares the two devices.

Zune vs Zune HD

The first Zune was released in 2006, while Zune HD, the fourth generation, was launched in 2009. Zune measures 2.4X0.6X4.4 inches, while Zune HD is smaller at 2.1X0.4X4 inches. The removal of the Zune pad interface allowed Zune HD to have a bigger screen size of 3.3 inches compared to Zune’s 3.2 inches. Zune HD weighs 2.6Oz, whereas Zune weighs 5.6Oz. Zune has a capacity of 30GB, while Zune HD has an impressive capacity of 64GB. Zune HD has a higher screen resolution of 480X272 pixels compared to Zune’s 320X240 pixels. Furthermore, Zune HD offers up to 33 hours of battery life, compared to Zune’s 14 hours.

Zune has an intuitive interface and good playback, while Zune HD provides an exceptional listening experience with its OLED capacitive touch screen, HD video output, and HD radio. Zune HD no longer has flash memory, which contributed to its smaller size and weight.

In summary, Zune HD is the latest version of Microsoft’s media players, with a smaller size, lighter weight, touch screen interface, longer battery life, and the ability to play HD videos compared to the original Zune.

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