Difference in British & American Crime Fiction


1. The British and American crime fiction genres have distinct differences, particularly in terms of the portrayal of violence and the number of deaths.
2. American crime fiction novels typically feature multiple murders, often carried out with firearms, and have a greater emphasis on action and violence. In contrast, British crime fiction focuses on a single death and the investigative process, with fewer deaths overall.
3. American crime fiction often includes references to drinking, drugs, and smoking, which contribute to a sense of tough and gritty characters. British crime fiction does not have a specific central character and tends to rely on logical deduction and non-violent clues to solve crimes.

British vs American Crime Fiction

The difference between British and American Crime Fiction is widely known. One way to differentiate between the two is by looking at how the victim dies. American Crime Thrillers usually have brutal murders with bullets, while British Crime Fiction focuses on a single death.

In American crime novels, there are multiple murders throughout the story, with little importance placed on each victim. Characters are introduced only to be killed by a firing revolver. By the end of the novel, anywhere from five to ten people have been killed by bullets.

In contrast, British crime novels focus on one death, and that is enough to drive the entire story. The novels spend pages searching for the killer, with severe injuries but no additional deaths. British crime fiction relies on clues and details to make the story significant, with readers following the trail of evidence instead of bodies.

American crime fiction often portrays fast cars, high-speed chases, and explosions. The criminal leaves the scene, blowing it up and leaving chaos behind. They speed away in a fast car, and the investigators are left to follow the trail of violence.

Another distinguishing factor is the emphasis on drinking, drugs, and smoking in American crime novels. These elements portray American characters as tough and rebellious. British crime fiction, on the other hand, does not have a specific central character. It can be an amateur sleuth or a brilliant narrator, but the focus is on intelligently deducing the solution to the crime.

In conclusion, American crime fiction is more violent with multiple murders, while British crime fiction is more peaceful and focuses on a single death. However, it is challenging to determine a clear winner as both types of fiction have their own unique elements and appeal to different audiences.

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