Difference in Roles: Singer vs. Vocalist


September 9, 2011 Posted by Aron

Singer vs Vocalist

The terms singer and vocalist are often used interchangeably, but there are some key differences between the two.

A singer typically refers to someone who sings film or popular songs and is sometimes known as a playback singer. On the other hand, a vocalist is someone who specializes in singing classical music. The primary distinction between the two is the genre of music they perform.

Traditionally, a classical singer is called a vocalist, while a singer is referred to as such without any specific genre attached. Singers do not necessarily require formal training in classical music or singing techniques, whereas vocalists undergo extensive training in classical music and perform in a more traditional style.

It’s worth mentioning that vocalists often spend many years training before their performances, whereas singers typically only need to pass an audition to sing a song in a movie. Furthermore, singers have the flexibility to sing light music as well, while vocalists are primarily focused on heavy or classical music and may not often venture into the realm of light music.

In summary, all vocalists can be considered singers, but not all singers can be vocalists due to the technicalities and requirements of classical music. Singers who are skilled in light music may struggle with singing in a classical style, while vocalists are typically able to adapt to different genres more easily.

Overall, these are the main differences between the terms singer and vocalist.


1. The main difference between a singer and a vocalist is the type of music they sing. A singer often sings film songs or popular music, while a vocalist sings classical music.
2. A vocalist undergoes training in classical music and traditional methods of singing, while a singer does not necessarily need this training.
3. A vocalist typically performs after years of training, while a singer can get through an audition test to sing in a movie.

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