Differences Between Airless & Air Paint Sprayers

Airless vs Air Paint Sprayer

Spraying is a method of applying paint particles to a surface to create a coating. It is a much faster process than using a handheld brush, and even more efficient than using rollers. Typically, paint is sprayed using a medium like compressed air, but airless spray options also exist. There are advantages and disadvantages to both air paint sprayers and airless sprayers. This article examines the differences between air spray and airless spray to help readers decide which option is best for their painting needs.

Air Paint Sprayer Guns

Spray painting involves applying a paint coating over a large surface area by pumping the paint from a gun that forces the paint out of a small tip. In the case of an airless spray, there is no compressor to send air along with the atomized paint particles. When painting the interior of a home, spray guns that use compressed air are commonly used. This compressed air atomizes the paint particles and provides a very fine finish on the wall or other surface.

Airless Spray Guns

With airless spray guns, no air is involved, and the paint is pushed through a tip at high force to atomize it, turning it into a spray. The tip size varies depending on the surface area to be painted, the thickness of the paint, and the force of the paint gun being used.

Key Takeaways

  • Airless paint guns cover pits and crevices better than air spray guns due to their higher pressure.
  • Single coats are often sufficient with airless spray guns, as they provide a thicker coat than air paint sprayers.
  • Air spray offers more control over paint, making it more suitable for finer jobs, while airless spray is better for benches and fences.
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